The Invisible ME! The Perks of Being Invisible..

Published October 6, 2015 by kaitlynkady

A push, a shove that’s a bit too much. We live in a society when one is bullied they segregate from the rest of the crew making them invisible. This all starts from cocooning yourself in a shell from any other human being. They don’t seek help because nobody cares but it gets media attention. However the isolation does come with its perks.

Public visibility is a wonderful cocktail of euphoria, responsibility, satisfaction, and guilt. Not many people talk about what happens when their “profile” grows. It might be the fear of, you know, being perceived as a raging egomaniac ingrate. But here goes…

Being invisible means that no-one has to know the source of your identity. Daunting as it may sound, you got to remain anonymous. The job comes with the territory. Who’s ever not wanted to become invisible just for a day? The day it arrives you are either at your best or in a mess; something we all fear to accept but reject. I ain’t talking about Harry Potter’s wizardry cloak here but wouldn’t you want for a moment to escape reality. Everyone has the moment when for a second you just want become invisible and switch over to another life.

We live in a time if people know us virtually walk by us hence, becoming unnoticed. It would be nice to hear a reply from someone to say how was your day rather than going being ignored like you don’t EXIST. Escaping invisibility needs not to be about complacent isolation or humiliating anonymity. Why then do we note down the invisible things we see like Casper the ghosts and x-rays. Broadly, they are two reasons why we even want to be invisible for two reasons either to get away with or from something. We humans are not equipped with some sort of camouflaged clothing. Being invisible makes us question whether one did really existed. Invisibility is described as black but it doesn’t come in any other colour like white as this is seen as racism.

Remember the time you wanted to disappear and vanish into thin air. The idea is fun and it’s an eerie sensation  but no one can describe it. This is how it works: You need to show up to get found. Enjoy the little teaser I have attached for you.

(© 2011 Interscope Records: Skylar Grey)

Let me know when do you feel you need to become invisible. I can’t wait to read all your thoughts and little scribbles. Times ticking.. ~Happy Tuesday~

Selfless Selfie: The pursuit of selfish. Which side are you on?

Published July 22, 2015 by kaitlynkady

Pick your side

Take a deep breath, sit back and think about these questions: Do you feel good about yourself when you are being selfish? Do you tend to put your own needs before others? They say, “It’s more blessing to give than to receive”.

It’s really hard for someone to understand how one can become selfish as it is the other person performing the task at hand. An act of selflessness is giving someone or donating items such as money or clothes without being asked why. There is a really big difference between people giving because they feel good about it and those that do so but do not want to. Without a doubt there are those who have lived up to our expectations and went out of their ways to be selfless. These people are the likes of Gandhi and Mother Theresa. They have lived a life considered by society whereby they have sacrificed themselves for the good of others and continued to inspire us daily.

I am sceptical but the fact that whether most of us help others consistently without expecting any rewards. On the other hand, when we do good deeds we expect to feel good about ourselves and put the negative feelings aside. A selflessness service is that of a soldier who dies protecting his own troop.

Perhaps, in order to be selfless we need to be selfish. I realise that saying no can be the hardest thing anyone has to overcome on a daily basis. It ain’t easy until you have been in their shoes. The commitment pile is like a ton of bricks and you are drowning in seemingly never ending tasks. Being selfish means that you sometimes take the time to enjoy your passion like indulging in a good book, spending quality time with your loved ones, skydiving and gathering thoughts.

Selfish is a word that has negative connotations. With the emphasis on helping others we need to tend to our own needs of making ourselves happy.No one is entirely selfish but we are all just in between. It’s okay to give back but at times we have to learn to be selfish in order to survive. Most of us don’t realise that we are selfish until the damage is done. At some point in time we have all bolted our doors when it comes to having our own space invaded. What we don’t realise is that we need to make room in order to invite our loved ones rather than pushing them away.

A piece of advice is when we want help from others and realise there is no-one we need to turn to those whom we refused to open up to. Remember there is a fine line between being selfless and selfish.

Tat Me UP: Tattoo Parlour!

Published June 16, 2015 by kaitlynkady
The KEY to unlocking secrets to my HEART

The KEY to unlocking secrets to my HEART

Tit for Tat: I got a Tat-ME- Too

Kids are usually teased about the smallest thing you can possibly think of. When was the last time someone made fun of you because of your appearance? For some it ain’t that long ago. Right now as we speak someone somewhere is already coming up with a nickname for you.

We live in a world where everyone is getting part of their body inked one way or the other. This is seen mostly in celebrities ranging from the famous Amy Winehouse to rappers like Lil Wayne. These small prints inked on their bodies not only do they hold sentimental value to them but they have a much deeper meaning than love itself.

I don’t know about you but getting a tattoo is a big commitment. I think such work deserves alot of thought and consideration. Getting a tattoo is a bold decision. You need to be prepared with what comes with the consequences. You want your tattoo to be something that holds a special place in your heart and not something you will regret later on in life. I can reassure you that the pain you will undergo is excruciating. If you are not as nervous like me you won’t need to hold someone’s hands whilst you scream the words, “Mamma Mia”!

Nobody really knows how tattoos can help other people to overcome their dark times. There’s something about tattoos that we all admire. Everyone loves the tattoos that they have gone out of love to have either for fun or just to spice up their life. Some like to get their loved one names, initials, dates whilst other likes to pen one or two poetry lines. There are various symbols that are used such as butterflies. These mean beauty and the rebirth whilst in Chinese this symbolises love just the same as dolphins. I think I wouldn’t mind getting a dolphin. Somehow having flipper will be the best thing I will remember all the adventures I had on my holidays.

When things come to an end it comes down to removing the tat. The question still remains will they regret their consequences after getting all that trouble to get a tattoo? Today’s ink business has taken its toll and beyond the limits. Every celeb one way or the other is pretty much looking for a way to getting inked. Take a look at the heartthrob One Direction member Harry Styles he is pretty much seemingly intent on colouring himself.

Let’s sit down and crack open a bottle of beer. We had just finished having lunch when the rest of the family was gathered around in the living room. My heart was racing not to mention at 360 miles/per. I took my phone and flicked through my pics that I had been mesmerising for a while. Whispers of conversations were running pass through my ears.

So when the conversation quietens down I get everyone’s full attention. The silent fades and all eyes are on me. I say joking, “Would you like to see my tattoo?” With my nieces, nephews and the rest of the crew all sat in the living room my palms were sweating and heart beating. I rolled up my sleeve and unveiled the coolest tattoo. The look at everyone’s face was priceless. That was everyone’s reaction I wanted to see and I am glad I got that.

Breaking barriers and creating history is one thing and whilst getting a tattoo is something new on another level. Tattoos are now everywhere more than piercing itself. With the likes of artists getting ink even nowadays teenagers are now following their steps. In the end I guess it’s about embracing the opportunity and accepting the challenge. Seeing a tattoo that’s not done up to standard can be putting off to others but it’s a matter of knowing how to handle the situation. It doesn’t matter what other people think because at the end of the day what matters is your opinion. As the saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Usually before committing ourselves to paper we are told to think careful of the words we choose to write before hitting that send button. So why then don’t we do the same when it comes to inking our body?

Some people choose to keep their tattoos forever. Others change their mind half way through and later get it removed. Whilst it may be possible to remove it nobody ever said it’s that easy. Whilst tattoos are becoming part of the fashion trend people never seem to understand the risk that comes with getting inked. When one gets a tattoo, they sit, stare, think and all of a sudden there is a great big smile from A to Z. They know when something feels right it doesn’t need any alterations.

Today the take home message is: Think before you INK! Next time you do decide to get a tattoo planning is essential. People will not only judge you based on your appearance but on your character too. Show some love and let me know what your tattoo says about you. In the end, if the tattoo is mulled onto your chosen spot correctly by the artist then you have a great smile and nothing can beat the vibe you feel.

Happy Summer :)



Published November 8, 2014 by kaitlynkady
no reflection

The word, “NO” is never far off our minds !

Implementing the law of attraction into action: The Muse!

By the time you finish reading this article, I bet you all going to be eating your socks off.

I recall a time when I was in junior school rather than saying,” NO” people would look aside and with their right hand say, “Talk to the black hand because the white hand is full”. Those were the good old days.

The word “NO” literally scares the living daylights out of us. When we hear this word we run 50 miles and hide away at the back of the classroom or in our bedroom. There we are as quite as a mouse. It is there where no one can hear us when we begin yelping like puppy that has been told sorry can’t do.

We live in a world we come across the word, “NO” a thousand times. It may be that you are seeking a job or waiting to get a party invite. It feels like you are more pruned to say “NO” when you are less stressing the buttons of your shirt out than when you are all worked up. For every time you say NO, you are one step to freedom. The majority of people find it hard to say “NO”. It might be two letters but that word simply splits us into half. Although, it’s easier said than done it becomes complicated when the word “NO” is used especially towards a family member.

Did you know that every time you say no a weight is being lifted off your shoulder?… Recently, I encountered a situation whereby a photographer said no to an amazing job that could see their work published in Hollywood. Its pity to say the least that even the good things in life when offered to us on a plate we don’t stop to think TWICE.

When this word is used to kids they tend to scream their lungs out. Parents think that’s the only way children are disciplined. Even as a model sometimes we are thrown into the deep end when photographers tell you to bring certain clothes. They ultimately think money grows on trees. Sometimes that’s where this word “NO” comes in handy.

In a real-life situation we tend to feel guilty just because we are not obliged to say NO to anything. One minute you are taken back to the week when you were in the “NO” mode zone and the next you realise you are saying, YES to everything even the nitty gritty stuff you disapproved of. It is here nor there when we realise that the human brain is playing tricks on us.

However, you like it or not the word, “NO” makes us boil. It’s not the kind of word that leaves you with the mad adrenaline rush in your body and makes you feel like you have won a million.

NO means NO and YES means YES.

After reading this article I hope you will take away this message home: No is never easy to say to anyone but one needs to be strong to say it aloud even if the music comes crushing down on you.

Who are YOU to say NO to? Say Something….

It’s Okay to say NO

T’s to my EARS!..

Published June 15, 2014 by kaitlynkady

ImageIf I challenged you to produce tears in 60 seconds, could you do it? Give it a go before reading this and tell me how you get on..

Whether we cry during a movie, the birth of our new baby and at celebrations those tiny drops just can’t seem to dribble down our cheeks. Whilst other people wrap themselves in cotton when watching a scaring moving and peeking through like a pirate one eye I just let a tears surround me. That way I know nothing is holding me down. Problems we all have and have faced. Sometimes these can cause chaos. Where there are sad tears there are happier ones.

Tear signals us when we are mostly in a vulnerable state. We do this because we simply need a helping hand from others. As our skin folds and reveals our true age through wrinkles (Lol) we step away from the noisy sounds we make when a whip crossed our buttocks when we were still toddlers being naughty. Now we are grown up we shed not only new skin that reveals our youthfulness but tears that mirrors our identity and roots.

When Africans cry they say, “Mamma mia” and start rolling on the floor but when peeps do the same thing they, “I am sorry mummy” or they start looking for their siblings for comfort. So true. I find it so funny especially if the person re-enacts it in their culture. Try asking an African person to do it for you. It’s so much better and funnier.

They speak in a thousand words and more eloquently in tongues.

The pain we have through cannot heal

This cannot be real

It cannot be erased

These are the little drops

That comes gushing down your cheeks

It’s the only way your eyes speak

When your mouth cannot put words into place

You drown yourself in tears

Whilst your heart is crying

No one will notice

When your poor old soul is dying

After a good cry I feel like my body has been cleansed back to front. These are my tears. There are TEARS in my BOTTLE.. So why do we cry one might ask? It’s because you see a fly land on your food and instead of succumbing to crying you let a sneeze by saying, “a-tissue”.

I can’t wait to hear all your answers to my challenge. I bet I am going to be laughing so hard that the back of my head is going to hurt like no men’s business & I am totally going to be soaked in my own tears dripping down my clothes like I have wet myself.






D-EAT-H: I wish !..

Published May 31, 2014 by kaitlynkady

Believe me or not but I never forget exact times. It was at the crack of the dawn on Wednesday at exactly 7:41am when I saw the most shocking news and I was in utterly shock. It was like my mind was playing some tricks on me or maybe I was analysing too much. When I saw the message on facebook it was posted by a celebrity and my eyes were darting back and forth just trying to get the gist of the story whether it was true or not. I couldn’t believe it even though one day or another we will all go through that phase at some point. My jaw literally dropped like sagging pants.

As I was twinkling away glued to my laptop I was afraid to hear or see that the news of Maya’s death were not true. After seeing my friends and celebrities pouring their hearts out by leaving condolence messages and even making her quotes as their status, the news really knocked me 6 feet down.

It’s never late to get something you have always wanted. It can range from getting rid of scars or any embarrassing feature on your body. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong you because in the end you still die. There is no way to tell when, where, why or how. People die from the simplest things. For instance one minute an individual can be so happy enjoy and having a total sh-amazing balls to just curdling on their bed and all of a sudden there is nothing but silence in the room the next morning. That’s life!


Is it Right or is it Wrong?

Is it a Yes or a No?

Is it True or is it False?

Maybe it’s neither Right nor Left..


This is the one thing you cannot reverse in life.

She was not only a mother or a writer but a sister, niece, grandmother, aunt and friend that everyone looked up to and still does. Her passing left alot of worry and saddened the nation. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones.

On that note I leave you with something to think about:

Contemplating about it

Avoiding it

It’s the kiss of death

It’s here NOR there

Don’t wait until it’s too late

To tell someone

How much you love them,

Care for them

Because when they are gone

They won’t hear you anymore



Published May 11, 2014 by kaitlynkady

Let-T- go-To-ER whilst WR & I do our TING!


We often contemplate what to write when we are writing or responding a letter. At times just writing a letter can be so frustrating as you do not know where to start and end. I love letters but only if it’s something unexpected and it is good news. However, nowadays emails are the way forward. I can write for hours, later alone years and still not get bored. I recall in primary school when every weekend we had letter writing. We had to let our parents know about our school life, sports competitions in which we were involved and also what we wanted them to bring us.

We love email, as we should—for its brilliant speed, its global reach, and its free transmission of vast amounts of information. Letters tend to hang around for far longer than the writer intended. Handwriting; paper; letters: they are drifting from our lives now and it’s nothing personal.

Before sending off a letter to your chosen school or workplace you must learn to keep certain things in mind. Remember once the letter is send off it is out of hands. Once it is out there in the open, you will never be able to alter it.. Secondly, letters are read by strangers. These administrators, headmasters don’t know you but your application is always under scrutiny. In the end of the day, you know who you are; what you want and they don’t know where you come from because it’s your story. Lastly, the letter you write to family, friends, schools its personal. Most letters we write we want capture the reader’s attention and interest within the first few lines. If you don’t do this the reader is most likely to skim through the letter and bin it.

One of the most thing people forget is a cover letter. This just shows laziness in most scenarios. Also be prepared to do some research beyond the company job description advertisement. That’s a BONUS and it pays in the long run. You will thank me later.

I don’t know about you but I think if I wasn’t in a job that did not involve me writing the world would have ended by now. I cannot imagine myself not putting my original ideas on paper with a pen. That’s awful!

I don’t have go into too much details but I used to keep in touch with my mom alot because I hadn’t seen her growing up. Back then life was different. We all hear that when our loved ones are gone we write some sort of letter in this case what we all known as a “Will” these days. People tend to let their family what they are leaving and who should have those belongings ranging from money, jewellery to property. We all have experienced a bad day once in a while. Some days are good and we are blessed, whilst other days we are in a state.


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